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J.L. (Jim) Fersch, Jr., Founder & CEO

J.L. (Jim) Fersch, Jr., Founder & CEO

Jim previously led National Health Quest (NHQ) for 23 years from conception until acquisition by Mitchell International, Inc. in 2012. He pioneered and developed the organization from the ground up to become a National best-in-class provider of Workers’ Compensation & Auto negotiated out-of-network services. NHQ was the first of its kind and paved the way for others to follow, thus offering an alternative to PPO & HMO Networks as well as the bills that fall outside these networks.

After selling his company in 2012 Jim decided to retire and enjoy the fruits of his labor. However, in March of 2014 his family experienced a life-altering event that would have an impact for years to come. His wife almost died and while in ICU she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Although she is doing well today, there will always be tests, checkups, treatments, etc. for years to come. All of which generate medical bills, which need to be negotiated, resolved promptly and paid fairly.

Once again Jim discovered that the healthcare billing system was falling short and in need of answers, but most of all results. It is a very complex, bothersome and full of hassles process. On behalf of his wife he spent hours on the phone trying to resolve issues to insure that the providers were being paid a fair amount promptly and that the insurance carrier was being treated fairly.

So in order to help others, including patients, across America Jim founded Ultimate Settlements™ to simplify and continue improving the multifaceted healthcare cost containment arena. Through his decades of experience he knows it’s possible to provide smoother negotiations resulting in a fair settlement without litigation where everyone wins through the power of his team at Ultimate Settlements™.

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