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Lucia Fields

Lucia Fields

Lucia Fields currently serves as Managing Director of Fields Texas Limited, LLC.   She  also currently serves as Partner and Co-Managing Director of FMJ Holdings, LLC, a partnership focusing on real estate in various commercial, retail and residential properties in the state of Mississippi.  Ms. Fields also presently serves as Senior Product Developer of Four Corners Sourcing, LLC, a sourcing and product development company based in China, representing retail and manufacturing clients in North America and Europe. Lucia has an undergraduate degree in Nursing from The University of Mississippi Medical Center in 1990.

Early in 2012, Lucia was designated as the first Registered Nurse to complete a fellowship of Stem Cell Medicine from the American Academy of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine. Lucia has searched for the perfect opportunity to merge her training and experience in the medical field with her international business acumen. This has resulted in her current role as Co-Founder and Board Member of OrigeneticsTM.   Lucia sees the opportunity and demand that this medical model will provide to people. She is determined to revolutionize the delivery of regenerative and cellular medicine through this unique global brand.

Lucia being a dedicated patient advocate sees Ultimate Settlements™ as a valuable tool to help consumers and payers of healthcare navigate the complicated medical world of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and payment options thus bringing value oriented transparency to the current and emerging healthcare systems.

Lucia is a member on the Advisory Board for Ultimate Settlements™.

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