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William (Bill) Fields

William (Bill) Fields

Bill Fields currently serves as Chairman of Fields Texas Limited, LLC.  Fields Texas Ltd. activities include direct capital investments in operating companies, investment vehicles, as well as active and passive investments in which we provide capital, resources or both to support the growth of companies or ideas within the consumer and retail sectors globally. Over the past twenty years the team at Fields Texas Ltd. have managed companies in various industries and created billions of dollars in shareholder value.

Bill also presently serves as Chairman and CEO of Four Corners Sourcing, LLC, a sourcing and product development company based in China, representing retail and manufacturing clients in North America and Europe. In addition to helping clients find the right supplier, Four Corners Sourcing negotiates pricing and oversees tooling and factory production; they also deliver expertise in the areas of product design and development, branding, and merchandising.

In recent years, Mr. Fields and his wife, Lucia have partnered together to pool their business acumen and medical background to develop an industry leading regenerative medicine organization that focuses on bridging the gap between the potential of cutting edge healthcare and current healthcare solutions.  OrigeneticsTM offers solutions based on scientifically published, evidence-based medical studies to correct the physiologically disrupted body, treat chronic disease and prevent loss of overall health.

In his twenty-five year career at Wal-Mart, Mr. Fields held various executive positions, which included Assistant to Sam Walton [Founder of Wal- Mart], Senior Vice President of Distribution & Transportation, Executive Vice President of Wal- Mart, Inc. and President & CEO of the $68 billion Wal-Mart Stores Division. Bill was responsible the strategic planning, execution and oversight for operations, merchandising, marketing and logistics for over 2,000 stores and 700,000 employees.

After his departure from Wal-Mart, he served as the Chairman & CEO of Blockbuster Entertainment Group and President & CEO of Hudson’s Bay Company. Mr. Fields currently holds board positions with Lexmark International, Inc., Harvard University Medical Advisory, Escort Inc., the Joint Corp., One Degree World, NXT-ID and General Foam Plastic.  He formerly served on the boards of The Sharper Image, United Way of America, ADX, The University of Texas Pan American Foundation, Graphic Packaging, Electronic Cigarettes International Group, Ltd. (ECIG), Biosara and the National Retail Federation.

Bill also serves as an Operating Partner to several leading private equity firms focused on consumer and retail sectors.

The estimated 26% rise in rates from insurance carriers and the even greater rise in cost for self- insured companies will result in higher cost for the companies and/or less disposable income for the employees. Bill knows Ultimate Settlements™ provides a solution where cost to the employees can be lessened and the employers will also benefit from this cost savings.

Mr. Fields is a member on the Board of Directors for Ultimate Settlements™.

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