Ultimate Settlements, Inc.

"Never attack a problem without also presenting a solution."

Expert, prompt payment negotiations with proven results, thus creating a “win - win” solution for all parties involved

Ultimate Settlements are superior settlement specialists dedicated to securing rapid payment at an added discount for a mutually satisfactory and final solution. As a conscientious strategic partner, we base our performance-driven fees on a percentage of the savings we secure for you.

US™ takes great pride in providing impeccable service in terms of responsiveness, reliability, communication, quality, and speed. We realize the important role that customer service plays in maintaining the successful working relationships we enjoy today as well as those we look forward to developing tomorrow.

US™ has taken the time to gather our team’s collective past so that we are able to draw from our successful experiences and invest them in your future. Specifically, US™ Operations staff will work closely with contacts on a day-to-day basis via dedicated telephone numbers and computer systems to process bills and facilitate excellent service.

US™ Compliance Review Services conduct billing compliance reviews of both Facility and Professional (inpatient and outpatient) medical claims/bills to identify erroneous, fraudulent and abusive billing practices thus reducing medical bills to “true and accurate” and “fair and reasonable”.

Whatever your settlement needs are, we have conceived and executed at all levels and have extensive knowledge in numerous lines of insurance. We excel at prompt bill settlement negotiations and resolution. We’re relationship-based and it shows in the length of our partnerships, our world-class customer service and our expansive industry experiences.

The US™ business model is founded upon our “No Risk Guarantee” which means, “No Saving = No Charge” to our clients.

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